Workout Ideas: Balance the Force with Integrated Training

This is a workout for integrated training, combining elements of both hard and soft.

Estimated training time: 45-60 minutes

  1. Stretch and warm up for 10 minutes
  2. Stand for 5 minutes.
  3. Stretch kick – front, inward and outward crescent, side and back
  4. Sanchin stance movements across floor (kihon ido) – turn when you go as far as you can. Return. Use full tension/ibuki. Focus on completely relaxing between movements, then locking in. Do one set of exercises moving forward, turn and return. Then do another set moving forward as far as you can, then stepping backwards to starting position.
  5. Sanchin stance, open palms with nukite, relaxed with no tension, focused but quiet breathing. Same movements across the floor.
  6. Basics – from yoi
    1. 6 point blocking. 10 sets of all 6, both sides. Then practice shadow blocking with hands moving in combination.
    2. palm strikes – forward (both with falling and rising motion); slicing/arcing across center-line palm down; spiraling in to out across center-line palm up; downward palm heel , side palm (out to in). 10 reps slow, 10 reps fast each technique per hand.
    3. double-heel pivoting exercise
    4. combine all three exercises varying the techniques
  7. Meditation – microcosmic orbit 15 minutes

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