What’s holding you back?

This site is intended to make karate training accessible to all. That means we’ve torn down all the usual barriers to getting quality training.

But still you hesitate. Why? What’s holding you back?

Answering this question is where YOUR training starts. It involves the most crucial of life skills that all of us need — and one that will be essential to training yourself from home, even under our guidance. And that ability is to . . .

Know yourself.

You’ve made it this far. You found this website. You’ve even started reading. And whether you’re a newbie or long-time practitioner that voice inside that led you here is resonating with the idea of training in karate from home.

We’ve taken all the risk and effort out of it for you. But your mind is still interposing objections:

  • You don’t have time. (It’s your choice how to spend the 24 hours of your day.)
  • You’re too tired or busy. (So do it when you’re not, from the comfort of your home)
  • You can’t afford it. (Guess what? Most everything here is free.)
  • You don’t want to train alone. (So don’t. Go to a dojo, or join one of our Zoom classes.)
  • You don’t know how. (That’s why you’re here.)
  • You’re bored. (So get up off the couch.)
  • You tried it once and it didn’t work. (Improvement comes with repetition over time.)
  • You’re old, injured or have a disability. (So what? We are/do, too. Do what you can. Find and push your limits. Give it the old college try. Adapt your practice and techniques to your capabilities. But by all means, don’t quit or fail to start.)
  • It’s not the kind of karate you want to learn. (So go find something else that you want. Just do it.)
  • You don’t see any big trophies, flashy kicks or people getting knocked through a wall. (That one’s on you; we are who we are.)

And probably a whole lot more excuses. But what it comes down to is YOU. Why do you lack the motivation to do something you want to do?

No one can do it but you. You know you want to.

So here’s your first lesson — FIND A WAY.

Start small. Do something today. Then come back in a day or two and do some more.

Starting building the habit of setting yourself up for success.

You’ll be glad you did.


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