My corona beard.

Hi. My name is John Dennison. I’m the old guy behind Goju at Home. You might think of me as “OG Sensei,” bringing illumination and know-how but getting a little long-in-the-tooth for flashy techniques and intense physical training.

Thankfully, karate keeps me young. Just not young enough to defeat Father Time.

I teach what I call Goju+ integrated Ju training. It’s traditional goju-ryu supplemented with movement and energy developed in my study of the inner arts and exploration of the inner way.

It’s what I’m teaching my son, Joe. You can see us at work awhile back on our Coral Springs Karate page.

It balances both hard and soft in an integrated approach that lends itself well to practicing at home, because that’s what we do.

Know that it won’t just involve karate training. For I also bring a lot of other things into it, like meditation, energy and inner power. And for those who want even more, we even explore the path of self-mastery and self-realization followed by the masters.

Here’s how you can get it for yourself:

  1. Join our Digital Dojo and train from the comfort of home in our home study program. We’ll post a new workout every week. In addition, I’ve laid out a self-training path for those who want to focus on other areas, too, with dozens of videos and my own input added where needed;
  2. Get private lessons from me, discounted for Dojo members;
  3. If you’re in South Florida, train with us live in Coral Springs; and
  4. And coming soon, courses for home training in Goju+ and internal/inner development.

By the way, the beard is now cropped. I guess I’m not channeling my inner Ueshiba anymore. Maybe one day I’ll take a better picture.

Happy kiais.