Basics with Movement

After practicing basics, class would then move on to practicing basics with movement (kihon ido).  Below are some examples to get you started.

Classes may include drills incorporate both stance movement and block/punch/strike techniques, moving in stances across the floor, turning and then returning to starting place.  Repeat for each stance/technique until all are practiced. They may also may include varying stances/techniques, moving forward and back (and even side to side) as instructed.

Below are some kihon ido exercises from the Yamaguchi Goju Kai in which this instructor started.  Minor variations in technique may apply for GKK students, so check with your instructor.


Kihon ido 1 JKF Gojukai (Gojukai IKGA)

Kihon ido 2 JKF Gojukai (Gojukai IKGA)
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