Coral Springs Goju-Ryu Karate Club

Whether you live in South Florida or are just visiting, come workout with us. Here we practice goju-ryu, integrated with softness and inner power we call ju training.

Group classes are held three evenings per week (Tues/Thurs/Sat) at the home of John Dennison in Coral Springs, Florida.

New students are welcome, subject to local COVID and lockdown regulations (and approval of John’s wife). Masks, COVID testing, vaccine or other precautions may be required.

Indoor space is a premium, but thankfully we’re in South Florida so snow isn’t in the picture. Rain always is, though.

Plan on the possibility of practicing outside, weather permitting. As we grow, we’ll move to a nearby park until COVID rules relax enough for us to get access to another facility.

New students should contact John Dennison through the contact form on this website to express interest.

New Saturday Class

We’re starting a new class on Saturday mornings. The location will still be at John’s home until further notice.

Coral Springs members will receive Digital Dojo access included with their local membership. It will be set up separately once you’ve become a student and your GKK application is processed.

What’s it cost?

Donations only.

(Excludes GKK membership application fee, annual GKK membership dues, belts, uniforms and rank certificates.)

Before you come:

Some photos of our work at home:

Below are a couple of videos of Joe learning new katas Geki sai I and Saifa. Enlarge them to full screen to watch.

As you can see from the videos and photos, we often worked out as we were without changing into a gi. That has since changed and the uniform is now standard.

For reference, the first video was shortly before his yellow belt test. The second before his blue belt test. Same clothes.

He’s limited by a bum shoulder (now being treated), but has progressed rapidly.


Please Support Our Work

It is only through the generosity and support of home training warriors like you that GojuatHome is made possible. Please consider contributing to help me maintain our website and continue providing home training tips to keep you growing in this art we love.


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