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Optional Personal Training Program. We also offer a monthly Personal Training subscription of weekly sessions with OG Sensei for those who like the personal touch. Learn more on our Personal Training page.

What is it?

A Digital Dojo for self-training in goju-ryu karate, inner power and spiritual development.

Who’s it for?

  • Inactive and former goju karateka who want to rekindle their passion and develop their proficiency;
  • Locked down and home bound martial artists who want to keep doing what they love;
  • Active practitioners who want to add softness and inner power to their goju-ryu;
  • Karate newbies who want to learn at their own pace; and
  • Seekers, aspirants, adepts and spiritual warriors who serve a higher cause..
picture of john dennison with long beard
By the way, that beard’s gone but I’m working on another one now.

Hi, John here. Call me OG Sensei.

I’m a goju guy, but truthfully most of my training over the last 40 years was in what are known as the “internal arts.”

The term refers to a segment of kung fu systems that rely on fluid movement, soft blocking, and the generation of inner power when striking. Tai chi and ba gua are two such styles in which I trained, among others.

That in turn led me even deeper into the study of energy and unification with the soul.

I created this website to help those without a dojo or sensei to not only continue growing their karate skills from home, but also to access the spiritual and energetic mastery sought by the masters of old.

Whether you’re white belt just starting out, or a long-time karateka looking to keep what you’ve got or grow your game, you’ll find it here. And if you’re looking to develop softness and inner power, or simply to know yourself and become more, I’ve laid out a path you can follow to get there, too.

Rather than bore you with lots of blah, blah, blah details, why not just signup and try it for yourself? I promise you will be glad you did.

Happy kiais.

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