Goju Ryu Books

Goju Ryu Karate Do: Fundamentals for Traditional Practitioners Vol. 1

by Motoo Yamakura

GKK fundamentals. Rank requirements. One-steps. Initial kata.

Goju Ryu Karate Do: Fundamentals for Traditional Practitioners Vol. 2

by Motoo Yamakura

Continuation of GKK fundamentals. Advanced kata.

The Character Of Goju-Ryu – Kata Implications For Experienced Practitioners

by Rich Stamper

The theme of ‘The Character of Goju-Ryu – Kata Implications for Experienced Practitioners’ revolves around how to understand what Goju-Ryu kata have to teach, and to provide a methodology intended to help us learn how to learn from the kata – not just learn the kata. The information provided is applicable to all styles. As the title indicates, the book is intended for experienced practitioners (ni-dan and above) and assumes that competence in kata performance exists. It is not a book about learning the kata or how to perform them – we already have excellent examples for that. For those who seek an understanding of the lessons of kata the book should be a valuable resource. 393 pages.


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