How to use this website

Goju at Home was created for those who can’t get to dojo but want to start or continue their training at home.

That empowerment may take many forms. Here are some already in place:

  • blog with topical articles relevant to your training;
  • digital dojo (eventually to be our member home page), where we set forth several “lessons” or workouts for you to consider and, if inspired, to train along with from home; and
  • a series of resource forums with videos and content for your research and reference in learning, understanding and applying the different concepts of goju-ryu.

Currently, these are offered without restriction. However, some or all of those will be accessible only to members somewhere down the road.

Those aspects that are in process and hopefully coming soon include:

  • membership program providing training and testing for rank, access to our live training, as well as the materials referenced above;
  • Zoom training, to begin with our Saturday morning ju class;
  • interviews with accomplished karateka to enhance your knowledge and training;
  • videos that we create ourselves to teach different techniques and principles;
  • videos of full classes, kata analysis, bunkai, along with favorite techniques and combinations, submitted by black belt instructors throughout the GKK organization;
  • online seminars and workshops;
  • and probably even more.

So stop by often and workout with us live, or by practicing the material you need to take your next step on the path to goju proficiency.

And if there’s something you want or need that you don’t see, drop us a line and we’ll consider it for future changes.

Happy kiais.


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It is only through the generosity and support of home training warriors like you that GojuatHome is made possible. Please consider contributing to help me maintain our website and continue providing home training tips to keep you growing in this art we love.


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