Self-Discipline is Key

You’ve probably been at this karate stuff for a while. But now in many places you’re locked down, unable to get to the dojo to workout with the group.

In others they’ve just plain put the fear of God into you that you’ll catch that infernal coronovirus that’s been going around so you stay home by choice.

Either way, you can feel what you had slipping away. Conditioning has suffered. Techniques, too. As for proficiency in kumite or kata, well, you know.

So now you’re faced with a choice. Workout at home, or sink down into the couch and change the channel on the TV.

If you’re here, you are trying to figure out what to do from here. Working out is what you want to do, but it is SOOOO hard to find the motivation to get to work, especially in your own home.

This is where you need to rely upon the intangibles karate training has instilled in you. For motivation really is just a part of it. Wanting to isn’t enough. Mind must overcome itself and its own laziness or reticence to train alone from home.

To do that takes disciple — SELF-DISCIPLINE.

Only you can make that choice. Only you can instill in yourself the discipline needed to carry it through, especially in those moments you really don’t feel like it.

So use your time away from the dojo to work on yourself and develop that attribute of character that is so easy to overlook.

Start with something simple. Make your bed in the morning. That will start the habit of you choosing to do the right thing. And the satisfaction of knowing that when you set your mind to something, you’ll do it.

Let that little act of self-discipline spread to other aspects of your life. Quit procrastinating. Do the little things. Handle stuff as it comes up.

Especially be aware of when that small, still voice inside starts to nag you to get up and work out. Then act on it.

Only through self-discipline of acting upon those urges will you be able to overcome the lethargy and sloth that develops when life gets in the way of your karate training.

Set a schedule and try to keep to it. Figure out how to deal with interruptions, and don’t let them become a new habit of missing your workouts.

Advancement in the art of karate-do requires hard work and repetition over time. Only you can devote that time and effort.

Don’t just want to. Do it.

Find a way. The self-discipline it takes will work wonders, not only in advancing your proficiency, but in transforming other aspects of your life as well.

God bless you indeed.


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