Goju-Ryu Karate Kihon/Basics

Basics of Goju ryu Karate - Tetsuya Furukawa

Besides the techniques, there are also stances you need to know:

[剛柔流] Gojuryu karate basic stances FOR BEGINNERS

Then you need to put them together in movement across the floor, which is known as “Kihon Ido.” Here is a very basic set to get you started. Try to do each movement several times moving foward, then turn and do it on the way back to your starting place. Turn, block and finish.

Kihon ido 1 JKF Gojukai (Gojukai IKGA)
Kihon ido ichi e ido ni

Here’s another example of a [primarily] white belt class. As you will note, sometimes it doesn’t look so good. Don’t worry. With time, repetition and attention to detail, it will. We were all white belts once.

Gojukai Kihon Ido 1 & 2 Training

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