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    Soon we start our Zoom training to balance hard and soft in your goju-ryu practice. Here are some things you can do to participate. Block your schedule for 2 pm ET Saturdays and get the Zoom login information from our calendar.Prepare your workout space at home. It should be cleared
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    Gekisai Dai Ichi = To Attack and Destroy No 1 Gekisai Dai Ni= To Attack and Destroy No 2 Sanchin = Three battles (Breathing kata) Tensho = Rotating palms (Breathing kata) Saifa = Smash and tear Seiyunchin = To control and pull into battle Sanseru = 36 Techniques Shisochin =
  • Working out from home has its challenges. I don’t know whether the biggest impediment is sloth, procrastination, or fatigue. Or maybe it’s just not being into it or believing that everything else is more important than one’s training. But as one who has had to train himself, almost always alone,
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    You’ve probably been at this karate stuff for a while. But now in many places you’re locked down, unable to get to the dojo to workout with the group. In others they’ve just plain put the fear of God into you that you’ll catch that infernal coronovirus that’s been going
  • Goju at Home was created to provide online training for students in traditional practice and techniques, as well as to supplement their normal goju practice with drills and other material to enhance their knowledge and increase their proficiency in the martial arts. Our blog will include material on movement, generation
  • Finding the space to train at home is essential. But you don’t have to have a lot of it to workout effectively. Here’s an example of an innovative practitioner working on round kicks in a hallway. Check it out. Karate in a Small Space: Corridor TrainingWatch this video on YouTube
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    If you’re here, you’re already thinking about working out (karate-style) from home. So what’s involved? What do you need to know or do? To gi or not to gi One of the first questions considered by many is, “If I’m working out alone at home, should I wear a gi?”
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    Greetings and salutations, fellow karateka. Here we will provide resources and training in the traditional Goju Ryu system for those who can’t get to the dojo. And maybe even offer testing for rank one day, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. We’re in the early stages


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