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  • Weekly meditation and spirituality practice. [powerpress]
  • Goju is meant to be both hard AND soft. But hard chokes off the flow of energy within you. So how soft do you have to be to feel and get into the flow? Better yet, why should you even care? In the traditional karate classes that I attended, energy
  • Our world is in quite a state of upset at the moment. Chaos and control vie for power over peace and self-determination, dragging us into endless conflicts and efforts to upset the carefully-constructed apple carts of our lives. The only way out is to find our balance by getting into
  • man punching karate punch
    The hardest part of training in karate or any martial art from home isn’t the lack of a dojo to train in or a sensei to teach you. It’s motivating yourself to get off the couch and get to work. How often does the time come for your appointed workout
  • yoga guy
    You are here to work on yourself. Ostensibly, that involves training your body and mind in karate. But for us, that training also focuses on something even more challenging to master than blocks, punches and kicks – the mastery of yourself. By this, we mean the taming of your ego,
  • words train karate at home man kicking
    Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. And yes, you really can learn karate at home, all alone by yourself. Mind you, home training isn’t the same as working out in the dojo. At the dojo you’ve got a scheduled time to attend, an instructor to teach you, and a
  • man meditating at sunset
    I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately, especially about this goju path we’re on. I got off track somewhere along the line. Martial arts started me down the path of knowing myself and becoming more. I can’t explain it other than to say there’s a part of me
  • karate couch potato
    Life comes at us fast, and sometimes takes us far afield from the dojo. When it does, passion fades. Keep yours alive by continuing your training in karate at home in our Digital Dojo. Without the regular practices and camaraderie of your sensei and fellow students, there’s little to keep
  • cultivate your chi energy words with lotus flower picture
    Softness (ju) training opens the door to the use of energy. But how? Will you use your qi/chi/ki energy to hurt people? Or to heal them? This is the choice that all who travel the path of energy must make. Understand one thing, however. The choice is illusory. It isn’t
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    We could use your help telling people about Goju at Home. To make it easier, we’ve created some memes you might share on social media with a link back to the site. Just right click on the image, “save as” to your computer, then attach it to your tweet or


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