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Why Goju at Home?

This project started several months ago on a whim. After a long layoff, I started training alone again. Lo and behold, almost as soon as I did my son asked me to teach him, too. I agreed, if he’d devote the time and effort to really learn it. So we
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Goju at Home is in its infancy and we’re still finding our way. Where we go from here is up to you. The idea is to bring softness back to this art we love. But frankly, how we see soft is quite different than what you see in the dojo
Ju Training
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You think your goju-ryu training is about learning to fight in a traditional system of unarmed combat? Think again. Goju may do all that, but that’s only a part of why you’re here. Because goju is a vehicle by which you explore things about yourself and what you’re all about.
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The bong sao is a bent arm deflection or parry from Wing Chun. The bent arm is similar to that found in age uke, as well as harai otoshi uke, but is applied differently. It involves making contact as the punch extends, but instead of knocking it away, the bong
Basics/Kihon, Members Only
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Greetings. Sometimes it’s hard to just practice basics, especially from home. Those line drills can be awfully boring, doing technique after technique. And then movements across the floor! Where does it end? We tend to focus on a few basics at a time, and work them in combinations. Here’s a
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Gekisai Dai Ichi = To Attack and Destroy No 1 Gekisai Dai Ni= To Attack and Destroy No 2 Sanchin = Three battles (Breathing kata) Tensho = Rotating palms (Breathing kata) Saifa = Smash and tear Seiyunchin = To control and pull into battle Sanseru = 36 Techniques Shisochin =
Working out from home has its challenges. I don’t know whether the biggest impediment is sloth, procrastination, or fatigue. Or maybe it’s just not being into it or believing that everything else is more important than one’s training. But as one who has had to train himself, almost always alone,
Home Training Challenges  
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Ju: Soft Blocks

Most goju-ryu practitioners associate the ju aspects of the art with “soft” blocks. In the common understanding, this is in contrast to “hard” attacks like kicks and punches applied with tremendous force to the point of impact. By soft blocks, it is meant to deflect and control without knocking away
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Standing (aka standing meditation) is a core practice in the development of internal power. It enables one to gather and cultivate qi, and to condition the body to allow its free flow within the body. Training Notes Just standEyes openFeet parallelKnees slightly bentStart with 5 min/dayBuild up to 15 min/dayBreathe
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You would think we’d all know how to breathe. After all, we’ve been doing it subconsciously since we were born. However, in the practice of martial arts, and especially the development of internal power, proper breathing is key. So let us review a few of the elements. First, unless practicing
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