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    Yes, I know I’m using the Chinese term for energy on a website directed to practitioners of the Okinawan and Japanese art of goju-ryu. Moving the qi is how I always referred to it. But then, I’ve spent just as many years training in Kung Fu as I have karate,
  • Perhaps the hardest thing for any martial artist is to keep your fighting skills growing at home. After all, most of the time there’s no partner to train with or sensei to tell you what to do. Instead, you’ve got to do it all First, you have to find the
  • mawashi uke double palm strike karate
    By now you probably know I’m something of a maverick. Rather than take what we’re told on face value, I tend to dissect everything for its underlying movements and principles and explore how those might be applied in different situations. Today I want to put the ju in Tensho kata.
  • Goju-ryu is supposed to be famous for its soft blocking. At least, that’s what the “ju” in “goju” is supposed to be about. But after a lifetime of training, I realize that the goju I learned and see taught by other senseis really doesn’t seem to do it justice. Not
  • When I started teaching goju-ryu, structuring practices was easy. A vigorous jumbi-undo, followed by line drills for basics and basics with movement, was the staple for beginners and advanced students alike. After that, kata and kumite became a juggling act, trying to get enough of what the lower ranks needed
  • shadow karate kick
    Training at home can be a pain. Literally. Because we can get lazy and skip workouts, sometimes for months and years at a time. We don’t mean to. The passion still smoulders, but it’s hard to motivate ourselves to train at home with the same frequency or intensity we do
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    This is a headsup to our members that our Goju+ classes will be starting up again this Saturday at noon via Zoom. For login info and event details, please see the event page. Access is included in your monthly membership. Please join us.
  • I started my lessons in Goju-Ryu Karate-Do with my Dad during lockdown for COVID-19. He’s also my sensei. As a requirement of teaching me, we had to set a routine and stick to it. And this is just one of the lessons from a white belt that you can apply
  • Once upon a time in my youth I thought that karate was about being able to fight. But the decades since showed me that this art is less about combat than it is about changing yourself and become more in so many different ways. It started with blocking and punching,
  • karate couch potato
    How old is too old to train in any martial art, but particularly karate? I don’t know. I haven’t got there yet. I’m leaving my 60s soon, and to be honest, I’m surprised I can do as much as I can — and it’s more than enough to enjoy practicing


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