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      At the core of internal training is the use of energy. This use involves the internal power that can be cultivated from merging the body’s energy with the cosmic energy of the external world.

      This energy is known as “nei jin” in Chinese. Its application and use (often through repelling, throwing or projecting into) an opponent is “fa jin.”

      Nei jin training (to develop your inner power) generally has the following aspects of training:

      – Standing (aka standing meditation);
      – Qigong (to develop and circulate the energy);
      – Certain forms and weapons (e.g., Yang style tai chi form); and
      – Working with a partner (where we practice sensing and using the cultivated energy)

      While we cannot pretend to exhaustively treat here the training needed to develop your internal power, the materials presented in this forum will provide a good start if properly performed and diligently practiced and developed.

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