Meditation Basics

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      Class typically ends with a short period (approximately 5 minutes) of meditation from seiza (kneeling position).  Hands either folded in lap, or placed on thighs (in seiza).

      For those who cannot sit in seiza comfortably for an extended period, then sit cross-legged, in a half-lotus or full lotus posture. A pillow or meditation cushion/seat may be used in home practice.

      Here’s how.  Eyes closed. Breathe from abdomen. Focus on the breath and movement of the abdomen beneath navel. Breathe in. Breathe out. Slowly. Deeply. Naturally.

      Relax. Totally and effortlessly.  Allow yourself to attain a state of “no mind” without trying.

      Meditation begins with the command, “mokuso,” to close the eyes.  It ends with the command, “Mokuso yame,” to open the eyes.

      Here are some videos that will help.

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