Front Kick (Mae Geri)

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      Beginning in ready position, bring knee belt high to center line. Flex foot back toward knee and pull back toes so sole of foot is parallel to floor.

      Foot extends as the lower leg extends to remain parallel to floor, with ball of foot extending into target with toes pulled back so you don’t break them.

      Hip motion should be smooth and coordinated to extend forward as the leg extends, fully reaching its forward position at point of contact just above the opponent’s belt at center line.

      Foot should be retracted after kicking and set down in original position.

      Maintain balance. Remain upright. Avoid dipping head or bending forward when kicking.

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      Foot parallel to ground to start, extending with leg to kick with ball of foot.

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      Note: Forget the hand positions shown in video above. Spreading arms will only develop bad habits. Keep thumbs in belt. Also practice with hands in front on center line as if ready for kumite. Don’t let the arms open during the kick.

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