Qigong Overview


Qigong (aka chi kung) is the Chinese term for the practice of gathering, cultivating and circulating energy throughout the body.

It is the second element of nei jin (internal power) training. All portions of the nei jin training are to be practiced regularly, often in sequence, strength and stamina permitting.

Typically most adepts are trained, at least at first, in the Eight Brocades (which is presented below).

There are many variations and forms of practice. I have found those presented useful and practiced them often throughout the years.

In particular, the Eight Brocades and Falun Gong exercises (also presented below) are of great benefit (though it should be noted the falun gong exercises include standing and meditation along with their other, more “traditional” qigong movements), in their system of qi development.

Again, postures are relaxed, with arms and legs hollowed, sinking the weight to the lowest point (for arms, that would be the underside of the wrists and elbows). Shoulders relax completely.

Breathing (in and out through the nose) is natural, but coordinated with the movements.