CANCELED: Goju-ryu Karate Class via Zoom

This event will kick off our live goju-ryu karate training via Zoom. It is free to Digital Dojo members and included in their membership. Adults and mature teens only.

Read more about the training here.

Come Train with Us:

Meeting ID: 710 8654 8016

Passcode: SLzq9J


  1. Please install the Zoom app on your computer BEFORE the meeting begins.
  2. Give Zoom access to your computer’s camera and microphone.
  3. Clear your practice area.
  4. We’d like to see you, so turn a light on — preferably one that will light up your face when you face the camera. Please, no back-lighting without first illuminating your face.
  5. Warm up and stretch ahead of time. We generally do not do jumbi undo on Zoom.
  6. Wear comfortable clothes; a gi is not required (but we’ll probably wear one anyway).
  7. Class is scheduled for one hour. However, due to limitations on Zoom’s free account, once attendance hits 3 or more we’ll be limited to 40 minutes. Actual practice time will be between 30-45 minutes.
  8. Have water and a towel on hand — just in case.
  10. If you need to use the bathroom, please feel free. You don’t need to tell us. Just leave your camera running and we’ll know you’ll be right back.
  11. Get doctor’s clearance before participating when in doubt.


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