Why Goju at Home?

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This project started several months ago on a whim.

After a long layoff, I started training alone again. Lo and behold, almost as soon as I did my son asked me to teach him, too.

I agreed, if he’d devote the time and effort to really learn it. So we started our 3x a week workouts and haven’t looked back.

It wasn’t as if I hadn’t tried over the previous couple decades or so. But now he has the bug to really put in the work to get it for himself.

Six months later he’s earned his blue belt and is advancing nicely in my blended approach of supplementing the goju training with principles and practices of the internal arts that had shaped me these last 40 years.

Anyway, I got this big idea I wanted to teach others, too, but lockdown prevented inviting them into our home where we trained. As a result, Goju at Home was born.

It wasn’t a well-thought-out plan; it just came on me by impulse and sucked up immense amounts of time trying to make it into something of value to other practitioners.

But I’ve struggled with the idea of online training. Frankly, I want and need the human contact, living so long in isolation. But the web effort wasn’t bringing it. Instead, it took me deeper into a project that seemed designed only to bring further isolation as I got even closer to my computer instead of real people.

So I’ve put on the brakes. The Digital Dojo and Zoom training are on the back burner while I rethink the whole thing.

Where it’s going I don’t know. Maybe it will just be me sharing what I’ve found through a blog and podcast. Maybe it will involve building the local club, which is high on my to-do list. Maybe I’ll even get around to doing some seminars or personal training.

But for now, I’m regrouping to find something that helps you that i am passionate about giving.

Zoom training doesn’t feel like it. Nor does creating videos, courses, or any of the other stuff that I’ve been immersed in.

Goju has given me so much and I want to give back. But I want it to be more personal, to see their eyes light up when people get it, and to feel the power in their movements when they do.

So please forgive me for closing down the Digital Dojo membership program and other resources for now. At least, until they align with my ikigai.

In the meantime we’ll try to make it worth your while to stay in touch with greater focus on the blog. We’ll see what come out.

Thanks for reading, and for understanding.

Happy kiais.


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