Supplemental Training

Goju at Home was created to provide online training for students in traditional practice and techniques, as well as to supplement their normal goju practice with drills and other material to enhance their knowledge and increase their proficiency in the martial arts.

Our blog will include material on movement, generation of qi, and techniques from the”internal arts” that can help practitioners better understand the ju aspects of goju.

These materials will, to one extent or another, be introduced and applied in practice, and students are encouraged to review and train in the materials presented here, both alone and with your instructor for proper application.

They are expressly in addition to the traditional goju-ryu resources set out here to insure students’ grasp of basics, movement, kata and traditional practices, whether they train in the dojo or work out from home.

While they are not required for rank within the GKK system, once a new drill or technique is introduced into practice sessions, students will be expected to understand their principles and how to apply them at levels of proficiency appropriate to their level of training.

Please start your practice of all such techniques slowly, with appropriate balance, body movement and relaxation (extremely important). Coordinate movement so that when one part of your body starts, all parts involved in the technique start. They end at at the same time body movement stops.

When you have the body movement coordinated with proper technique, then try increasing speed. Focus on making explosive movements for better generation of qi (also known as ki in Japanese, roughly translated as energy in English), power and speed.

If you have any questions, be sure to drop me (John) a line through our contact form or ask during an online class. Comments are currently suspended while we’re building out the program.


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It is only through the generosity and support of home training warriors like you that GojuatHome is made possible. Please consider contributing to help me maintain our website and continue providing home training tips to keep you growing in this art we love.