Our Digital Dojo is Now Open

Finally! It’s been a wild ride these last few months. But that day is now here.

We’ve opened our Digital Dojo to new members, and hope you’ll join us.

Let me tell you what it’s about.

It’s a place to workout from home, where you can find material to engage and challenge you and keep you training even when you can’t get to the dojo.

Some of what we’ve presented is goju material. Some isn’t (we’ve previously talked about my focus on the ju). But the cumulative effect is to provide things to get and keep you active, regardless of your martial background. We hope it’s in goju-ryu. If it’s not and you workout here, it soon will be.

So far we haven’t added much from the GKK or its members, but hopefully that’s coming. Copyright issues and public availability play a role in that. So does my reluctance to ask until all the other pieces are in place.

We’re hoping to supplement and eventually supersede the non-GKK material with contributions from the GKK and its members. But that depends on others and not us, so we brought forth what we could with what we could find, even as we’re working to create our own material and get others from the GKK.

I was chomping at the bit, and just didn’t think I could wait for all that to happen first. So we’ll plan to evolve over time, building on what we’ve already got.

Your feedback is important to making it better for all. I hope you’ll spend some time in our Digital Dojo and work up a sweat. And of course, give us your thoughts after you do. You can use our contact form linked above.

Thanks for reading.

Happy kiais.


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