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No Dojo? No Problem!

Keep your passion burning and your karate growing from home. Train in our Digital Dojo. Attend Zoom classes. And more. […]

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Add Softness and Inner Power

Ju means soft. but it’s not only about soft blocks. It’s about explosive strikes and inner power, too. Spread the […]

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Grow Yourself Inside and Out

Meditation. Energy cultivation. Inner power. Self-realization. Spiritual development. Unleash the dragon in you. Spread the love

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Goju-Ryu Home Karate Training and Resources

for inner and outer development


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picture of john dennison with long beardMeet Our Sensei

John Dennison

A lifetime student of karate and the internal arts. Traveler of the inner way. Disciple of the Light. Practitioner of kaizen. Explorer of ikigai. Inner guide to peace in your time. He teaches traditional goju-ryu karate-do, with an emphasis on energy, softness and inner power.


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This JU's for you!

Goju-ryu was meant to be both hard and soft.  For us, the soft wasn't soft enough.  We heard the tales and wanted inner power, too.  So we set about to find it.

That led us to the internal arts, which we've merged into our practice to supplement and adapt traditional goju for greater softness and power.

We created a digital dojo where you can get it yourself from the comfort of home.  We'll bring the know-how.  You bring the energy and effort.

We promise you'll be glad you did.

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