Karate Training at Home

Get off the couch and get to work

Goju Ryu is a system of unarmed combat incorporating "hard" and "soft" techniques to defend yourself and disable your opponent.

Develop your proficiency in applying the basic techniques and movements for kata and kumite

Yakusoku kumite. Bunkai. Combinations. Supplemental training. And more.

Train in our Digital Dojo

Beat the lockdown blues

Difficult times demand new ways to preserve your progress and build proficiency.

We’ve assembled resources to guide you in practice from home.  From basics to movement to kata and beyond, we’ve laid out the foundations of traditional goju-ryu karate do so you can get better despite the disruption of your regular dojo practices.

Here we'll not only give you tips and workouts to improve your technique and polish your katas.  We'll also share insights into the ju side of goju, and how to integrate it into your training.

We'll provide the know-how. But remember. Only you can bring the motivation, discipline and effort needed to grow. We trust you'll find a way.

Don’t be a karate couch potato

You can practice karate anywhere — at home, in the dojo, or practically anywhere else.

But it’s hard to workout alone. There’s no one to push you, to correct your technique, or even to whisper, “Get off the couch and DO SOMETHING!”

We recognize the challenges of training when there’s no organized practice to attend or partner to workout with.

So we’ve set out to fill in the gaps so you can effectively train from home.

But we can't get you off the couch.  That part is up to you.  If if you can, why not give us a try?


Zoom Workouts

Live workouts online with a black belt instructor.

Local Classes

Besides our online instruction, our club also offers regular training in person in Coral Springs, Florida.

Supplemental Training

Prearranged movements to practice alone or with a partner. Weapons basics. Internal arts movements and techniques.


We train in all the kata currently through Sepai.

Yakusoku Kumite

GKK onesteps to develop body distancing and technique application.

Testing for Rank

Students who have trained with us for at least three consecutive months are eligible to test for rank.

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