Experienced Karateka Start Here

So you’re thinking about “getting back into it.” Where do you start?

That will depend on you, how long you’ve been away, and most importantly, what you remember.

We’re not with you to see for ourselves. Therefore you’ll have to address that for yourself. Here’s what we recommend.

1.. Assess you conditioning and flexibility. Note the areas that need immediate attention, and those you’d like to improve over time.

2. Test your basics in front of a mirror. Here’s a workout you can use.

3. Perform kata. Start with Sanchin if you knew it; Geki Sai Ichi if you don’t. Then do the rest. Don’t review any reference materials first. Just do what you remember, and make mental notes of the areas in question. Remember, you’re looking first at just remembering the gross movements, then how well you do them.

4. Kumite is hard to practice alone, but perform the following combinations:

  • Punch, punch, front kick
  • Back fist, side kick, reverse punch, round kick.
  • Low round kick, punch, overhand punch, low front kick to to hip or groin.
  • Front kick, round kick, spinning back kick, back fist.

These should give you a reasonable idea of where you are.

Now, create a plan to work on the ones you need for remedial purposes. And if you decide the best course is just to follow along with a general workout, try the ones set forth in the Digital Dojo.

If you need help, drop us a line with your assessment and questions, and we’ll give you our thoughts.