Ju Training for Goju-Ryu Practitioners

Our objective is to train practitioners to balance hard and soft in goju-ryu.

  • Traditional goju-ryu techniques, training and kata;
  • Supplemental training in soft principles and practices (ju training)
  • Integrating both into your kumite training, one-steps and practices alone and with a partner.

In practice we tend to flow seamlessly between them, developing both tracks (and your ability to apply them) simultaneously over time. It is an experiential practice that must be felt and applied as well as understood.

It is NOT a new system or style, but rather an expansion of principles and techniques layered over the existing one to unleash the inner power and movement that enables its application.

Still, many of those supplemental techniques have been “borrowed” from other systems and styles of combat, which we have found most useful in drawing out the softness in (and increasing the power of) every practitioner.