Hard AND Soft together?

Goju-ryu is an unarmed system of combat intended by its very name to bring both hard and soft elements to its practice.

Goju is HARD.

But in practice goju-ryu is almost totally hard, using external force to defend and attack.  Somehow the soft fell by the wayside.

We add the SOFT.

We set out to restore balance to the force, and to bring softness and energy into the practice of this beautiful, lethal art.  This is what we offer you.

What’s here for you?

Digital Dojo

Whether you’re looking to expand your ability or just get off the couch, check out our free online workspace where you can train from home in whatever you need.

Resource Library

Research in our free library where we’ve assembled hundreds of videos on basics, kata, kicking, trapping, internal power and much, much more.

Zoom Training

Personal training for serious practitioners.  Traditional goju-ryu material. Ju training. Supplemental workouts.  Come from where you are.  Responsive to your needs.


Focused group training to balance the force and unleash the ju in you.  Online or in person, our place or yours. Coming soon.

South Florida Club

Work out with us in Coral Springs, FL.  Classes held every Tues/Thurs/Sat @ 6:30 pm ET.

Promotional Testing

Promotional testing for rank is available to students who train with us for at least three months.

Find what makes JU tick

Goju is a combination of two words: go (for hard), and ju (for soft).

Go uses force to deflect attacks and mount counterattacks.  Ju is more subtle, requiring the non-use of force in the tradition of the internal systems of Chinese kung fu, like tai chi, bagua and hsing yi.

We focus on the “softness” required to generate internal power, along with the movements and techniques that facilitate the development and use of energy.

Our goal is to help practitioners better understand and apply the principles of ju to build greater proficiency and flexibility in their art.

But don’t forget what makes you GO

The raw power and ferocity of goju-ryu is karate at its finest.

Speed.  Power.  Explosion.  Ruthless effectiveness.

Goju-ryu is all these and more.

Strengthen your will.  Develop your fighting spirit.  Train yourself like the masters.

Become all that you can be.  Strive to attain the perfection in you.

Energy won’t move itself

You want to know the ways of energy, and how to gather, cultivate and apply it.

But you want it NOW, without putting in the time or effort to get it.

Sorry, that’s not how it works.  Besides, that’s not how you got where you are.

It starts with understanding the principles and practices, then developing the inner conditions and movement necessary to generate the inner power.

You can’t get it sitting on the couch.  Why not start today?

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About training from home

Motivation. Regularity. Persistent effort over time.  These are just a few of the hurdles the home-bound karateka must face.  But the greatest is finding a source of instruction and guidance to get better.  You bring the intangibles.  We’ll bring the know-how.  See you on the other side.

About our methods

We came up in the traditional practices. Line drills. Group instruction.  Feeding off the energy and tacit competition with others. But those things are often hard to replicate in home training where individual needs and preferences often control our efforts.  So we created a training space where you can focus on the areas you need, and supplement them with both personal help and research in our reference library.

Who’s it for?

Anyone interested in the cultivation and use of energy in the martial arts, including: our students; students from other systems or goju-ryu dojos who want to balance hard and soft aspects of their training; and “ronin” practitioners who seek understanding and techniques from various styles or systems they may find valuable in their own applications.